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The sale of backpacks continues to grow exponentially each year. According to Yahoo finance, in 2016, the sale of Backpacks increased by a record $1.6 billion racking it up to be a 12 billion dollar market.  Sales of Backpacks for use by adults ranging from ages 18 and up grew even more 16% and it was adult purchases that accounted for 69% of the overall market. From this data and just observance of pop culture, it’s obvious that Backpacks are all the rave now. Their rise in popularity gives rise to more popularity and on and on the circle goes. But the true reason why Backpacks are popular and continue to be popular is that people need a something to carry their stuff in, It’s as simple as that. The increase in popularity has caused more options to be available. Backpacks now come in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and customizations. The retail store ASOS carries up to 400 different styles of Backpacks alone. Online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay have a plethora of options of Backpacks available for sale. The convenience of the backpack is one of the reasons why the baby industry now offers diaper backpacks. One of the more common diaper bags is the Leather Diaper Bag.

The leather diaper backpack has many advantages and uses and serve as a great product to parents in need of a diaper bag that's both functional and fashionable. They also last longer and are easy to clean. It's best to know how best to care for your leather diaper bag so they always look clean and last longer. Especially with dealing with kids and baby food, poop etc, it might be easy for the leather diaper bag to get dirty so you should learn how to care for it.


Care Tips

All leather tends to lose moisture and oils over time which makes it start to dry out. To keep any leather diaper backpack in tip top condition, you need to ensure the leather fibers stay supple and to accomplish this the leather backpacks will require natural oils or regular moisturizing. It’s always best to regularly use a leather care product to replace those oils and keep the leather supple. Also please note that you should never use a product that contains Lanolin – so be careful using baby wipes to clean your leather diaper backpack as they can often contain it. If you can buy baby wipes that don’t contain Lanolin then it will be of greater convenience so you don’t think twice about wiping down spills with the wipes kept in the bag. Keep your leather bags stored in places that are dry and clean when you're not using them, ideally in the specially designed dust bag that came with your bag to help protect it.

 Scratches: To avoid scratches, keep your bag away from sharp objects and surfaces. Also, apply Vaseline or boot polish to coat the leather with a protective finish that’ll make it durable. applying ANY form of polish, even a clear or natural color, will almost always change the color of your leather. So test a small area of leather first (such as the tag/key ring we supply with your bag) and then check you’re happy with the final color before applying to the rest of the surface of the bag. Apply this polish at least every couple of weeks, if not more often as you would with a fine pair of leather shoes. We believe that using a traditional polish in combination with our premium leathers will develop one of the finest patinas over time.

Dirt: The key to removing dirt and other such marks is not to use too much pressure, it’s much better to lightly rub a mark 100 times with low pressure than 10 times with a lot of pressure. If you apply high pressure you are more likely to remove the finish and damage the leather. Warm water and elbow grease can get rid of small dirt stains on the bag.

Rain: Leather leather diaper backpacks should not be allowed to get wet but if they do, they should be wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. If your leather diaper backpack gets wet then never force-dry the leather by using heat. Do not place on radiators or use hair dryers, simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature until it dries naturally. If you are going to continuously experience bad weather then we would suggest that you obtain some leather waterproofing products like beeswax to help keep your leather diaper backpack dry.

Extreme Temperatures: Keep it out of hot temperatures, especially extreme heat. Heat exposure can cause the pigmented finish to bubble and to peel away. Try to keep leather out of direct sunlight for long periods, because this can fade your leather, although we have tested our leather in direct sunlight for periods of 6-months and have only seen very slight fading. Freezing temperatures can also damage your leather diaper backpacks and the natural structure of its fibers, that give it strength, and make them brittle. Cold temperatures can also cause the pigmented coating to crack excessively, so if you don’t like that effect then it’s prudent not to let it get too cold.


Cleaning Steps

  1. Follow these simple steps when cleaning your leather backpack
  2. Always ask or research for care instructions when buying the product
  3. Remove dirt build-up by wiping down with a cleaner made specifically for the leather in question.
  4. Remember the hardware. Some bags have precious metal-plated buckles or chains. -
  5. Every other day, give your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth—this won't take more than a few minutes but will go miles towards preserving the appearance of your leather.  
  6. Think of conditioning as a moisturizer for your leather, that will dry out over time.
  7. To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over.
  8. Condition every month or so to keep your leather looking its shiny best.